MCAS Practice Websites

The following are websites that will give you the opportunity to practice math skills that will be addressed on your MCAS test. Completing these online quizzes is a great way to help prepare you for the upcoming Math MCAS Exam. Before starting any of these quizzes you should have paper and pencil available to help you answer the questions. Remember it is important that you take your time and apply the correct rules when solving the problems.

Boston Public Library MCAS Practice Software- this site offer 32 grade 4 math questions for you to complete. Each of these questions reflects similiar questions that will appear on the 4th Grade MCAS Exam. Click on question #1 to start the review quiz. Read the question, solve the problem and then click on the answer. If your answer is correct you may continue to the next question by clicking on the arrow that is pointing right. If your answer is not correct, please try again. If you need extra support you can click on the "Explain" arrow it will bring you to a new page where the problem is explained. Click the return button to return to the previous page. Good Luck!

Massachusetts Department of Education- MCAS Grade 4 Mathematics- this is the official site to review and practice past MCAS questions for Grade 4 students. This link will bring you to sample questions from the 2008 MCAS exam. You can select prior year sample test questions by clicking on the year drop down menu from the search box and selecting a different year (years 2003-2008 available). It is recommended that you turn off the answer key, solve the questions by writing your answers on a piece of paper. When finished, go back and turn on the answer key to check your answers. Good Luck!

Jefferson Lab- a site that offers practice examples from the Virginia State Standards of Learning (similar to the MCAS). This link will bring you to a page the general quiz page. You will need to select how many questions you want to answer (5-40), select "Math 4" and then "I'm ready- Let's go!" This will generate an interactive math practice test for grade 4 students. You solve the practice question and click on your answer. You then must click on "That's my final answer" to submit your answer. At any time you can click on "How am I doing so far?" to see your score. If you click on "Start over" you will lose all of your submitted answers and will have to start again.Good Luck!

MathSlice- These free, interactive mock math tests were developed to help improve the mathematical skills of grade 4 students. This site offers 5 separate quizzes, so why start with quiz #1 and try all 5 (select grade 4)! The top of the page will review some math concepts. Scroll to the middle of the page to start the quiz. When you are finished your score/results will be displayed along with the a chart indicating the correct answers. It is suggested that you go back and review any incorrect answers.