Welcome to the Grade 4 MCAS Math ReviewWiki!


This wiki is a place for students to come and review, reinforce and have some fun with math! It is our hope that this wiki will help students as they prepare for the MCAS Math Test. This wiki was created by the Ludlow Technology Department. If you have any suggestions for this wiki (additional sites are always welcomed!) please contact the Ludlow Technology Department by sending an email to Anne Marie Corrieri am_corrieri@ludlowps.org.

Wiki Directions

Using the navigation area located to the left, select and click on the math skill you need to review. Doing that will bring you to another page. This page will list several interactive math websites that you can select to reinforce and practice specific math skills. Please remember that it is important that you read all of the directions on how to use each site before beginning any activity.

4952154.gifGrade 4 CAN-DO's:

1. Write products of 40 single digit multiplication facts in one minute or less.
2. Add, subtract,multiply and divide whole numbers.
3. Check outcomes and solutions using rounding, estimation and knowledge of math operations to determine if they are reasonable.
4. Interpret and apply appropriate math vocabulary.
5. Express knowledge of the values of whole numbers, fractional parts and decimals to the hundredths.
6. Express situations involving time, money, area and perimeter in the appropriate units.
7. Solve word problems with multiple steps.
8. Identify two and three dimensional geometric figures.
9. Identify, describe and extend numerical patterns.
10. Explain mathematical processes and solutions to various problems both verbally and in writing, using appropriate math vocabulary.

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